DayNotez 1.7.2

Create, manage and view notes on your Palm PDA

Your Palm device has done a wonderful job replacing your old paper planner for scheduling and to-do's. But, where did your right hand page go? The one where you recorded the days events, journaled your ideas, and tracked your thoughts.

The standard memo application has little organization options. And other offerings add little above this. Natara comes to the rescue with DayNotez, a Palm OS journal application with all the features you need to organize your record of events and thoughts on a daily basis. Click below for details on DayNotez.

Key features:

  • Four views into your notes (single, day, list, and month calendar)
  • Organize and filter your entries using color coded categories
  • Multiple entries per day
  • Time stamped entries with auto-rounding preferences
  • Contact names
  • Keywords
  • Follow up Flags
  • Voice Memo support for Tungsten series
  • Landscape support for for Palm T3 and Sony UX
  • Create a To Do from an entry
  • Import completed To Dos
  • Support for private entries
  • Quick entry templates
  • Beam an entry to a friend
  • Supports both a local and the global find command

Organize your life with this powerful notes application.

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DayNotez 1.7.2

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